ConvEx Capabilities

ConvEx field of expertise includes:

The following figures give an impression of some of ConvEx capabilities.

Figure 1: Belt conveyor design.

Figure 2: Pipe conveyor design.

Figure 3: Design & development of belt conveyor systems with decentralized drives.

Figure 4: Static and dynamic belt tension analysis.

Figure 5: Belt conveyor energy consumption analysis technology. 

Figure 6: Feasibility studies of bulk material handling systems.

Figure 7: Design & system audits and upgrade analysis.

Figure 8: Site audits and trouble shooting.

Figure 9: Environmental impact studies.

Figure 10: Design of special purpose conveyor belts.

Figure 11: Manufacturing of special purpose conveyor belts.

Figure 12: Theoretical belt conveyor splice design and specification.

Figure 13: Laboratory testing of rubbers and belt splices.

Figure 14: Full scale testing of polymer belt conveyor splices.

Figure 15: Full scale testing of rubber belt conveyor splices.

Figure 16: On line system condition monitoring.

Figure 17: Belt splice condition monitoring.